Prolong the Plush

At happy-scrappie we want to help you to prolong the life & integrity of your pet's plushy bed, allowing your canine to luxuriate in it fur as long as possible.

While we know with the right TLC our beds will stand the test of time, to extend their use even further we encourage replacing and repairing any worn elements instead of buying a whole new bed. We offer the individual components for sale to replace and refresh your pooch’s bed & even though we can’t guarantee that we will have an exact match, we will do our best to help on a case-by-case basis. Check out our list of components below:

-Replacement zips
-Replacement mattresses
-Replacement side chambers
-Replacement bed covers
If you have any questions about repairs & replacements, get in touch by emailing
Prolong the Cover:

To extend the life of your dog’s luxury snooze spot we encourage the purchase of a doggy duvet, to be spread over the surface of the bed. Not only does it provide extra plush for your furry friend, it’s an added layer of protection for the cover & mattress. By washing your doggy duvet more frequently than the bed cover, you avoid putting the cover through the stress of excessive wash cycles.

Of course if the bed cover is looking a little worse for wear after years of love from your pooch we offer replacement covers for purchase too.


Prolong the Plush:

Turn the inners over, rotate from end to end regularly, ensuring even distribution of your canines body weight on all surfaces. This will assist your pet’s mattress to maintain its plushiness & support.