Due to the fact that packaging is estimated to be between 10-14% of the waste going to landfills, we have decided to eschew the inessential & used a combination of recycled, compostable & re-loved items. 

Our beds & larger items are boxed in preloved cartons, wrapped in certified home compostable (AS 5810) waterproof plastic & recycled kraft paper.
Our smaller items are wrapped in recycled kraft paper & WFTO fair-trade twine. They are couriered in 100% recycled bags, made entirely from post-consumer material.


Tips for packaging disposal below:

Kraft Paper & Box
Home Compost - Remove all tape and labels, shred into smaller pieces and add as a source of carbon to your compost pile.
Recycle - Place in your curb side recycling bin for collection
Compostable waterproof plastic
Home Compost - Remove all tape and place in your home compost pile. 
Recycle - Not recyclable
Recycled Courier Satchels
Home Compost - Not compostable
Recycle - Remove all labels prior to recycling and place in soft recycling collection bin. For collection locations refer to information on satchel.