I worked in the high-end fashion sector for over 15 years and it was on one of my regular buying trips to Paris in 2019 that the idea for happy-scrappie was born.

Hectically hopping from ateliers to catwalk shows viewing hundreds of designers, each producing two to four collections per year, my eyes were opened to the sheer volume of product the fashion industry churns out. And it got me thinking about the environmental impacts of that scale and pace. 

I soon discovered that over 100 billion garments are produced worldwide each year with only a fraction of these being recycled at the end of their lives. Most end up in landfill releasing up to three times their weight in greenhouse gases as they decompose. (source: the formary)

Soon after this trip, I decided to work towards a solution. 

A decision that coincided with the arrival of my super cute border collie X golden retriever puppy, Derek. We bonded instantly and decided to tackle the textile waste issue together.

Adopting quality oddments, offcuts and derelict fabrics from fashion designers and local craftsman we set out to create a range of luxury pet products with a difference. Our mission: sustainable production that reduced waste and products that were crafted to be better for man’s best friend.  

Testing plushy pooch pads and fun filled toys was a gruelling task for Derek, but luckily his unwavering work ethic meant he could push ahead with the mammoth task at hand. We did the research and put the work in, to allow you and your canine to live a better, more sustainable life together.

You can thank us later!