Laidback LOUNGER
Laidback LOUNGER
Laidback LOUNGER
Laidback LOUNGER

Laidback LOUNGER

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The Laidback Lounger is perfect for the dog that enjoys spreading his limbs & kicking back.

Its distinctive two-toned covers easily complement any home & are durable, easy to clean & machine washable.

The natural mattress filling provides consistent & equal pressure in every direction allowing full joint support for your sleepy canine. 

The Laidback Lounger is made in a variety of fabric combinations, most of which are one-offs, making it a bespoke addition to your abode. 

Manufactured & hand filled in NZ


Onyx, Black - Cotton / Spandex
Ink - Cotton / PES / Spandex

Contrast Fabric
Butterscotch, Charcoal, Ash, Jungle, Spring Green - 100% Wool
Marine Medley - Polyacrylic / PES / Viscose / Cotton
Red - Wool / Flax
Foliar Melange - Synthetic Mix
Ash Melange - Rayon / Cotton
Concrete Geometric - Cotton / PES

Mattress Cover
Cream, Purple - Wool / Nylon

Mattress Fill - 70% NZ Surplus Wool, 30% Recycled, Organic Latex Flakes

Zip - 100% YKK Recycled PET, Heavy Duty  Zip

Small 80cm (L) x 60 (W) x 10cm (H)
Medium 100cm (L)  x 75cm (W) x 10cm (H)
Large 120cm (L)  x 90cm (W) x 10cm (H)

Cover - Delicate cycle, max wash 30 degrees, wash with closed zip & velcro. Air Dry Only. 

Mattress - Hand wipe as required. Air dry thoroughly. 

For more care instructions see our Prolong The Plush page


Onyx, Black, Ink
Source - NZ Film
Category - Deadstock

Source - Harrows
Category - Remnant
Certifications - EU Ecolabel Certificate UK/016/005

Marine Medley, Charcoal, Ash, Marine
Source - Harrows
Category - Short-Ends & Remnant

Foliar Melange, Ash Melange, Concrete Geometric
Source - Retravision
Category - Short-Ends & Remnant


Cream, Purple
Source - Inter-weave
Category - Deadstock
Certifications - EMS (Enviro-mark Diamond)